Friday, October 17, 2014

Lovely Locks?

It has been two months now since I stopped using shampoo and conditioner on my hair.  You can read more about it here.

There was a few times mid September when I thought of tossing the towel in on the whole thing.  Why was I doing this anyways?  Maybe people were staring at my hair everywhere I went thinking "seriously woman? Wash your hair!?"  Then maybe again they're not.  My friends are yet to hold an intervention.

But I did think maybe there was a middle ground.  Shampoos out there that are sulfate free.  What I have found, is that there aren't.  If they don't have sodium laurel sulfate, then they have sodium coco sulfate.  Coco being derived from coconuts.  That seemed like a good alternative.  Coconuts are natural after all.  But the more reading I did, the more I decided that it wasn't really an alternative at all.  Here's one article that talks about the differences between the two.

Deciding I was going to continue with my baking soda and apple cider vinegar routine, I also had to be ok with for me, that means using that treatment about every 4/5 days.  I've read some people end up going an entire month.  I just can't do that.  Maybe it's the oils in my hair, or the running I do, but that seems like the balance I need to not look scary!

Here's the regime I am using:

I take about 1 tbsp of baking soda, and mix in about 2 tbsp of water.  I pour that on my scalp and scrub it in and let it sit.

I rinse with water, then apply the apple cider vinegar solution.  I use about 1 tbsp to 1 cup of water.

I rinse with water, then while still in the shower, comb my hair, and rinse with water again.

So simple, and noyone has yet complained about how I smell either ;)

Negatives to this, is I really hoped it would improve my skin as I struggle with eczema.  I've noticed no real difference.  What keeps me going on this is I used to have incredibly frustrating fly away hair.  That is no longer an issue, and I have more body in my hair as well.  It no longer feels flat and limp.

The next test will be what my hairstylist thinks when I get a hair cut next!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ain't Noyone Have Time for That!

Laundry.  The bane of my existance.  I manage to get laundry washed, but folded and put away is a whole different gamat.  And that being with not having to wash my hubby's stuff, and having help from my big two to get theirs put away.  It just seems never ending.  (Especially after 13 days of sickness, but who is counting).

Regular laundry aside, I've had a basket of handknits sitting in our bathroom for the past two months.

I came clean (ha!) about it yesterday to a friend who chuckled at me.  I haven't been knitting, because I haven't been washing.  And if I'm not finding the time to wash the handknits, then why am I knitting?  It's a bad circle of thought for a knitter to be caught in.

After confessing to my friend, I confessed a little bit broader.  Here was my IG post.

The feedback I got was really lovely.  That these handknits represent alot of love.  That they are precious.  Wash them a bit at a time.  Make a 'pattern' so I don't need to measure each time.  Buy superwash.

I woke up this morning to find a class of my sons had been cancelled, and all of a sudden we had a whole day layed out before us without plans.  It was 8 am and I set to work.  I brought down the entire basket, and am proud to say, in 45 minutes I had washed all but one shawl and a hat, and covered almost my entire bedroom floor in clean handknits.

I used two sinks, a number of times, and I gave up on the wires, the blocking mats (I wouldn't have had enough), and I gave up on the measuring tape.  I washed, I hung, I layed them out scrunching when necessary, and tugging when needed.  I just hope they all will still fit - ha ha!

It feels really good to have this done, and now I am going to do my best to stay on top of it.

And you know what else?  Today is #iloveyarnday.  How appropriate!  I hope to find some time today to pick up those needles and set to work.

Thanks for all the encouragement friends!  I needed that gentle push.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In Recovery

Two weeks ago my littlest came down with a cough, that at night was much more like croup.  For two nights I had Buckleys rub on her chest, a humidifier going beside her, head propped up, and tylenol administered.  The croup passed, we had a few illness free days, and then she got hit with a bad bout of diarrhea.  That was 10 days ago.  We have been to the Dr twice, have had tests done, and the good news, it isn't bacterial. The bad/sad news is it is taking her a long time to beat it.  I'm also thankful my other kiddos are doing well.  My middle was hit with it for one day, then bounced back quickly with just a lingering head cold.  Needless to say, this past week has seen alot of couch cuddling, quite a few tears and requests of being held, so much less posting, and much less doing.  Which is also ok.  Less can sometimes be more, especially when trying to heal a little person.

Here's what this past week looked like from my phone photo roll:

A morning of treats.  Mac Nut Latte and Applesauce pancakes.
Laundry, so many loads of laundry were done to clean and sanitize.  Getting to actually putting the laundry away though is a task I failed at.  
This was taken on the worst day where peanut wouldn't leave my lap.  I put the littles into the car and got a latte in a drive thru.  The 20 minute drive there, and back, was worth it.
All is not dire in the land of the sick.  There are some sweet snuggles to be had.
Sweet freedom.  Managed to get out for a 12K run this weekend.  A much needed escape.
 I'm hopeful this week will bring some much needed healing to the littlest of our crew.