Friday, September 12, 2014

Skipping Fall

Fall is my most favorite time of year.  Warm sweaters, chilly mornings but warm afternoons, the warm glow of the sun.  Last Sunday morning was HOT.  Summer was still in full swing, and as the afternoon moved along, cold wind swept in, and the kids had to bundle up in blankets outside.

We knew there was snow coming, and I spent Sunday cleaning toys out of the backyard, and pulling plants from our garden.  I pulled everything but the carrots knowing they were snug under the dirt.  We were ready.  Or so I thought.
Some carrots from earlier this Summer.  We've had a great crop this year!
We woke to SNOW Monday morning.  More came by Tuesday.  I don't think we were really ready, nor were the trees.

Full snow gear was pulled out - hats, mitts, snowpants, boots.  We have an interesting mix at our front door of winter apparel mixed with crocs and bike gear.  Our city doesn't normally shut down due to snow, but the falling tree branches took out power to many areas of the city and the roads were a mess.  We had a snow day in September this past Tuesday!

The mornings are still chilly (3C this am), but the weather is supposed to warm up again (expecting 22C by Sunday).
Some trees near where my eldest goes to school.  Such devastation from the weight of the snow.
I hope Fall appears and we haven't skipped right over it.

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