Friday, November 7, 2014

Winter is a coming!

I have some usual runs I do, while trying to fit running into my life with three little kids.  Usually while my daughter is at her weekly activities and I'm solo without the other two, I will squeeze in a run.  But last week as I dropped her, the sun was already setting by 6:30.  My usual pathway was already dark, and I felt the constant need to check over my shoulder.  As a woman, I just don't feel safe running solo in the dark.  It's a pathway that isn't frequented by many people, and now especially as the light and temperatures dropped, I knew it was my last time on that path for awhile.

This past weekend, snow flurries hit, and once again, I said goodbye to a pathway I have loved.  When I started running again a year ago now, I stayed away from the usual paths travelled by runners, preferring to find community pathways that were a little less travelled.  And I have come to LOVE them.  They are beautiful, quiet, tree lined, and offer a wonderful sense of peace, that I so need in this season of my life.  Snow underfoot, I truly would have done better with snowshoes this past weekend.  And as I plodded along through the snow, I knew it was the last time I would run that path as well.  Less travelled means it isn't cleared by the city.  The time has come I will soon be trudging along with the other crazy winter runners out there, on the paths that are well cleared.

I haven't quite adjusted to the upcoming change in temperature, or the change in  light.  As mentioned above, I'm a scared night runner.  I do have a treadmill, but it's hard to squeeze in a run at home with three little people that are up and about (the littlest no longer naps).  Not to mention, despite the temperatures, running outside is alot more fun than in a living room.  I've been doing alot of thinking of ways that can help me feel more secure as this (sadly) long season of cold winter running approaches.

  • I run with a reflective jacket, but I recently purchased a reflective vest.
  • I don't run with music anymore.  If I'm out at night, it's just me and my thoughts.  I found this extremely difficult at first, but now it is kind of serene.  I feel more secure being able to hear what is around me.
  • I've always done this, but am more cautious now.  I stop at intersections and cross walks and make sure a car is at a complete stop before crossing.  In the past three weeks, I've almost been hit three times.  Cars just do not expect pedestrians out anymore.
  • A headlamp.  I'm thinking about picking one up.
If you are a winter runner, how are you adjusting to this change of season?  What are your tips for staying safe on the road?

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  1. Great socks!! I have those same ones!

    Yes, it definitely seems like winter is here. I have a reflective vest from Amphipod, the Xinglet. I like it because it doesn't feel uncomfortable to wear at all but it is super reflective. I also have a red blinky light that I clip on the back. I wear a head lamp on the front. If it is dark out I don't listen to music, plus I always carry my phone, tell my husband which way I'm going and how long I'm going to be. Even though I stick to the popular pathway around Edworthy it can still get kind of scary out there!