Thursday, February 5, 2015

A week in phone photos

After my short long run of 14K this past weekend, I met up with a good friend for lunch (er breakfast because the kind cafe was willing to make me french toast).  Such a tasty way to end a run.  And check out that mochachino!
I expected french toast but got so much more.  All that fruit was delicious!
Once home my middle dressed up in all my running clothes (including my compression socks).
Not to be unincluded, my littlest found my new runners and got in on the dress up action.
I started the sleeves to my Icelandic sweater.  I did the cuffs seperately on double pointed needles, then once past the colorwork joined them for two at a time on two circulars.
Our Golden Retriever affectionately called Red (or Clifford, or Cliff, or with his middle name Clifford Rufus).  He requires so much more than a caption.  He hasn't been well and we are preparing to say goodbye.
A swap!  A Rav member sent me a message about a skein I was willing to part with.  She made me these two awesome bags as an exchange.  I've already put my sweater sleeves into one of them!
I retired these shoes this week.  They ran a total of 403K.  Wow!

What's on your phone this past week?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Those bags looks awesome!
    2. So does brunch!
    3. Love that you're raising little runners.

    And most of all:
    4. Praying for peace as you walk Red these final miles. Hugs.