Tuesday, May 17, 2016

As ready as I can be!

This coming Sunday (May 26th) I will be putting together months of swimming, cycling, and rehab, and toeing the line at my first Triathlon.  Even though the distances alone seem very manageable (a 750m swim, a 20K bike, and a 5K run), I question if I'm up to it when I think about putting those ALL together.

Last week to get into the mental game, I hit the pool and did a 750m swim in my tri gear, followed by a 10K bike on Ruby.  It was windy and cold outside, and it was the first time taking Ruby out on the road.  It was really good for me to see I could ride in those conditions, and to deal with a bit of the panic in the pool (I had to remind myself that this was all a trial and to just BREATHE a couple of times). I also gave the Triathlon function on my Garmin 920XT a go.  I loved it, but it was good to find out since I didn't google beforehand, that the swim portion of the function defaults to an outdoor swim NOT a pool swim.  Looks like to get around this, you can create your own workout in Garmin but then you lose the transitions.  Haven't decided what I will do for the race yet.  

I have zero understanding of how to appropriately train for a triathlon, so I've approached the sprint with the premise of "spend as much time as possible on the sports I am weakest at".  For me that has been the swim, and the past two weeks, time on the road bike.

Garmin 920XT results after the swim/bike using the Triathlon function.
On Saturday I wanted to get in a 20K bike on Ruby and then do a run afterwards.  Unlike the swim/bike day, Saturday was lovely and it was so nice to get used to how to position myself on the bike so my hands didn't ache (I was noticing this on my earlier rides), and then how stump like my legs felt into the run, and how much time it took them to feel "right" again (about 1.5K).

This week I plan to do both of my swim classes (Tuesday and Thursday), and maybe throw in a light brick on Wednesday.  Then that will be it til SUNDAY!

Any Tri tips on transitions or otherwise you would like to throw my way?  I'm all ears :)


  1. I hope you have a great time this weekend! Best of luck at your first tri! Let's see, any tips and tricks...
    Leave your bike in an easy gear.
    If it is raining keep something in transition that you can pull on to keep you warm on the bike (long sleeve and a jacket maybe).
    Your legs will feel like jello as you start on the run. Just focus on keeping your cadence up and they will come around.
    Cheer for and encourage people as you pass them or as they pass you.
    Think about your nutrition plan...you may be leaving home early and then waiting around for quite a bit depending on when you get into the pool. Plan some kind of snack (banana?) and perhaps a gel about 30 min before you get started.
    For Strathmore last year I didn't realize that it defaulted to an open water swim. Somehow it still managed to measure 500 m though? Interesting!
    If you need more tips I wrote up this post last year. I hope it helps!

  2. I figured out the 920XT multisport profile thing for you!
    Select triathlon, then from the menu select Settings.
    Under settings choose Activity Profiles.
    You can either edit "Triathlon" or you can create a new one.
    If you are editing Triathlon, select it, then scroll to "Edit Profiles"
    Then under Profile 1 you can change it from Open Water to Pool Swim.
    Or you could create a new Multisport Profile with a Pool Swim if you want. I hope that helps!!

    1. Awesome Leana! Im going to go change it to pool. Thanks so much!!