Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happily Ever After Mitts

I didn't realize how fitting the pattern name of  these mitts would be to the owner!

My eldest turned 7 on Monday, and Sunday night found me frantically tucked away in our bedroom finishing up some fingerless mitts for her.

When she entered Grade 1, I knit her this hat - Happily Ever After by Susan Anderson using Studio Avenue Six Bellwater Sock yarn in the colorway Cheshire.  If I recall correctly I received it in a yarn kit, and it was perfect for my girl who loves purple and pink.  The hat only used a portion of the skein, so I figured accessories to match with the rest she would just love.

And she did!

From the moment she unwrapped the mitts, they only occasionally came off.  She wore them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

She wore them to the play center (she skipped school on her birthday).

She even wore them to bed.  On her birthday, and last night.

And they are being worn to school today.

These mitts are LOVED.

And I'm so so pleased :)

1 comment:

  1. i love her mitts and i'm so glad you had fun celebrating with her!
    (i'm all for skipping school for reasons like birthdays!)