Monday, April 6, 2015

Final Weeks and the Mind Game

This past weekend I ran my longest run to date, but 2K short of what I will hit next weekend.  34 then 36.  It is now only 26 days until the Vancouver Marathon.  The realization of that last week gave me heart palpitations and set me into a pre race panic that only reaches a certain level when 42 kilometers are involved.  It's a feeling of fear, anticipation, excited and OMG I signed up for this??

A few kilometers into my 34K run.  Frosty this weekend but beautiful and quiet pathways.
Back in December I was having issues with my foot going numb after only 5K.  I have been running in Asics for over 10 years, and all of a sudden they weren't working.  Not the kayano, not the cumulus, not even their trail.  This crazy buy a shoe, try a shoe, return a shoe cycle began.  I was also having a glute issue on the opposite side that first surfaced at about kilometer 34 of the Calgary Marathon last June.  After some consultation with running friends and family I went to a chiropractor.  That was last month.  I started seeing her weekly, and the foot issues have resolved, I FINALLY have a shoe that works (I won't say love yet), and the glute issue has so far been laid to rest.  Really, all that is left is to focus on the distance - and overcoming the mental obstacles of what a marathon presents.

Sometimes it does feel like you run forever.  I was so excited to finally see the downtown core approaching.

Despite we put in so many weeks and miles into training, when the marathon approaches there is still this fear of "can I run this?"  As any race presents, you never know what will happen on race day.  The weather, the terrain, your body.  But other distances are a bit more acheivable.  You could run 10K and walk the next 11 to finish a half.  And I suppose that is true too for the marathon, but gosh the marathon distances breeds a bit of the insane.  The distance isn't for everyone, and I think those who sign up for it don't sign up to walk the last half.  We want to do our very best even if that means walking will be difficult for a week afterwards (and lets not discuss stairs).

So with the panic that set in last week, and a successful (yet tiring) 34K under my belt this past weekend, I feel as ready as really one can feel to get on that plane, get to Van, and get this done.

I have a brother running the full, another brother running the half, and my parents, sister in law, and my brothers girlfriend there to cheer us all on.  No doubt we are all going to rock our distances and race plans.


Look at that!  I'm running the route so much faster than last year!
 As for race plans, I have been running and thinking on it alot, and playing with race calculators.  I have a sensible goal in mind (I think) and if my legs can do it I'll push beyond that if I can.  My first marathon was a 4:12 and I would LOVE to see that again.  But realistically I ran a 4:48 in Calgary last June, and that's a HUGE chunk to take off.  We will see what happens.

Are you prepping for a big race?  How do you feel in the last few weeks before hand?


  1. It definitely sounds like you are ready for the BMO marathon! Happy tapering and best of luck!!

  2. You are totally going to rock this race! You have trained hard and your consistency and dedication will most assuredly pay off!