Thursday, April 30, 2015

It Takes A Village

I'm knee deep getting read to head to Vancouver for the Marathon this weekend.  All I can think of is this is a bit like nesting before you have a baby (I realize that is a crazy comparison).  I started packing yesterday, which led to purging two garbage bags of clothes out of my closet.  I briefly tried moving our bed to a different side of the room and finally decided it was both too heavy, and probably something I shouldn't attempt with a few days to go before a race.  But I've cleared out clutter, and this morning I found myself with ten minutes before needing to leave for the school bus cleaning out the coffee shelf in our pantry.

And if I'm like any other Mom out there leaving her kids for a weekend, I have a list of things I want to do before I go.  Like clean the bathrooms, vacuum the floors, stock the fridge full (check!), and to add to that list, party prep for my soon to be 8 year old.  Hard to believe my eldest turns eight this coming Tuesday.

My race plan is to treat it like a long run until 30K and if I have still have more to give to push it from that point onwards.  My long run pace should see me in at a time of 4:20.  My first marathon time in 2003 was 4:18.  If I have some to give it would be cool to see or even break that number.  A come back post kids to a pre kid number.  All nerves over here!  If you would like my bib number for tracking purposes please leave me a comment below with your e-mail and I'll send it off to you :)

I was thinking this morning that it has been since January of 2009 since I flew solo anywhere, and that was with a girlfriend so that probably doesn't count, which brings it back to 2006 and pregnant with my eldest.  Woah.  I'm pretty excited about a solo flight - even if it is just for an hour!  But despite the nerves, the packing, the hub bub, there was (note the past tense) a sense of loss.  Because when I ran Goofy back in 2009 I came home and told my hubby that I wouldn't race a marathon again without them at the finish line.  I missed having them there THAT much.

And as I approach race day, I've been feeling that sense of loss.  My brothers, their significant others, and my parents WILL be in Vancouver.  But my other cheering squad, the people that have given up HOURS of their time with me, won't be at that finish line.  For a Mom to train for a race of 42.2K requires a whole village behind her offering support.  My hubby getting up early so I can head out early, and watching the kids.  My three littles who at this point in training, beg me to run on the treadmill instead of going outside.  And my middle has caught on, and if I head out the door for a run he will ask me if I'm going to the plane.  And it's not just my family.  Friends too.  Friends who have met me for coffee after almost every long run, run me in, had coffee with me, and driven me home.  Friends who have texted, and friends who have dropped off perfect and amazing last minute run gifts.

And as I prepped my #flatrunner photo to post on this blog, I realized I'm heading to Van solo, but not without my home support.  They are the button on my bib holder, the lend of Wonder Woman socks, and the bling on my shoes.  This marathon already feels pretty magical and I haven't even taken my first step yet.

So as I finish up all my bathroom scrubbing, last 5K running, and backpack stuffing, I know come race day I'll be able to hear the cheers all the way from Calgary.

Thanks crew.  I couldn't be doing this without you all <3

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