Monday, March 3, 2014

February Review and March Forecast

As I sit here typing it is -43C outside with windchill, -23C without.  It's truly hard to believe it is March with those kinds of temperatures.  I think everyone can easily say that we are ready for Spring.  The sad truth of it though is I know Spring (trees budding, grass turning green), doesn't usually arrive until early May.  So rather than hope on Spring, I'm hoping on warmer temperatures.  Anything between 5-10C.  That should be an acheivable wish!

February was a good month, and despite being a short month, felt like a nice long one.  The Olympics in Sochi made it even better.  We are a cable free household, but I had it on daily via webcast (thanks CBC!).  One of my goals in February was to knit a birthday dress for my eldest.  That dress deserves a knit parade post all on it's own, but I'm proud to say I cast it on on February 7th while watching the Opening Ceremonies, and cast it off on February 22nd!  It was ALOT of knitting, and it took me until today to even want to knit again.  Had a bit of knitting burn out from doing THAT much knitting in such a short time frame.  It used up 6+ balls of wool!

February also had me wanting to continue working on being Facebook free.  I will say I have re-lapsed a bit, and have been logging on daily.  I am not logging on multiple times like I used to, and I haven't been posting personal statuses.  I have turned into a bit of a lurker.  I have thought about saying something, but it feels like after being "gone" for two months, your first status should be something profound - ha!  I'm ok with how much I'm on it right now, but don't want it to increase at all.

Running wise, I never did get that elusive 7K.  I realized last week while on a run, that it was the end of February, and I hadn't acheived my goal.  I thought it was 6K, so at the 5K mark kept going.  Logging on today to do this post, I saw 7K was the goal.  Boo!  I'll try again.  Sad part is I'm sure that I could have acheived that 7K that night - I felt strong!  

Also on the running front, I ran my first half marathon of the year (and the first since my eldest was 18 months, which means my first in 5 years!).  Wow.  It was bloody cold that day, but I'm proud to have finished it feeling great and in a time of 2:14.  Next race this month will be in Hawaii (yes!).  

My final "goal" for February was to try and focus on the Love Language of my eldest.  She is a bit of a mystery.  While reading the Love Language book it was really easy for me to identify the language of my middle.  I think my eldest falls into the camp of "touch" and "quality time".  This fell off my radar though in mid February (hello Olympics and the inlaws visiting from out of town).  Refocus in March!

Here's some March goals:
  • knitting a surprise gift as a thank you!
  • hitting that 7K straight!
  • running two new long distances - 26 & 29 (eep)
  • running on lava fields in Hawaii (ok this may not be a goal, but I'm excited for something new!)
  • working on that quality time with my big girl
  • I have a coffee budget that I'm determined to stick to this month.  WISH ME LUCK (I'm a bit of a SB Junkie).

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