Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Flip side of a cold

I honestly can't say if it was a cold or the flu - what's the difference?  A fever?  In anycase, the run on Thursday did me in, and by Friday I was a mess.  Something I rarely do, but I called my husband home from work early in the day, and my Dad picked my big girl up from the school bus.  I don't want to post about the misery of a horrible cold, because we ALL know that they are miserable.  So instead, here's a post of the positive side of this fever inducing, chill and sweat, coughing, congested, aching monstrosity that entered my world Friday morning (and is determined on sticking around!).

1.  As of yet, only my little and I have been hit the hardest.  My big girl has been HEALTHY the entire time it has slowly hit the rest of my family.  Yes to health!
2.  It hit me as we entered a weekend, so my hubby was here to take over with the kids.
3.  As a result, I was able to nap, and get to bed as early as I needed to (6 pm on Friday), just to try and get better.
4.  Tea.  I'm not usually a tea drinker, but I drank alot of lemon and honey water (I'm still nursing the littlest so no meds for me), and it was really nice (especially with windchills outside of -40!)
5.  Saturday there were plans to celebrate a friends pregnancy, and with my hubby helping with the kids so I could rest (and a steady stream of Motrin), I still made it.  Nothing makes a cold better than pretty toes :)
6.  Each day I felt better than the previous.
7.  Everyone in the house is now on the mend.
8.  Sometimes being sick is what forces you to slow down and RELAX.  With the cold weather, and all the rest, we spent alot of time indoors together watching movies, and just being.
9.  A friend of mine has promised me a big bottle of Sudafed when the toddler weans :)
10.  Fresh clean sheets on the bed after being sick feel the best.

Sometimes it helps to look at the flip side of a situation :)  Today the congestion remains but I feel like I might be able to attempt a short run, and tackle deep cleaning the house and folding a mountain of laundry.  Stay healthy friends!

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