Friday, March 7, 2014

So long Speedy

Speedy Gonzales was the second running watch I've owned.  I was sure I had had it my entire running career, and was a bit shocked when I saw the Forerunner 301 was only released in 2005.  Really?  I had to go back through my scrapbooks to see when exactly I started running with the Forerunner.  And here it was June 2005.

I really had thought it had seen all my marathons, but in reality it ran perhaps my most important ones.

Calgary in 2005.

Boston in 2006.

And my first marathon back after my eldest, Goofy in 2009.

So it didn't quite last the 11 years that I thought.  But it did see me through an amazing 9.  (Ok, ok, I realize it probably was in hiatus for awhile in there while I had my kiddos).

After the battery malfunction last Thursday, my husband and I spent this past week looking into a new watch for me, and we landed on the Forerunner 220.

Tonight, I'll take "Speedy 2" and the original "Speedy" out for a run together just to compare the results.  It will be the last "spin around the block" for my Forerunner 301, and the first for the 220.  It already seems to have an easy interface, and I hope I catch on quickly to all the things it has to offer.

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