Monday, April 21, 2014

Her big move!

Did you have a good Easter weekend?  Ours was full, but also quiet which was really nice.  Since coming home from our holidays, it has felt "go, go go" for us.  Other than a few outings, our Easter weekend was spent primarily around the house.

It's been a little while since I posted here, and still alot I haven't shared about our trip to the US.  Twice while in the US, our littlest climbed out of her playpen.  I thought it was just that she was using the mesh to push into with her toes.  But last weekend while I was away for my first night away from her, she climbed OUT of the crib.  My husband thankfully caught her before she fell out head first.  A move was in order.

Our littlest has slept with, or beside me in her crib since she was born.  We have a three bedroom home, and the big two don't sleep well together.  This meant when the littlest was ready to move, she would be moving in with her big sister.  This past week I purchased a bunk bed and a second mattress.  The bed building happened on Friday, with the mattress arriving yesterday.  It was a big weekend for my kids!

Our littlest is only 20 months so I wasn't sure how the move would go.  My other two didn't move to a big bed until they were over 2.  Friday and Saturday night she slept in the playpen in her new bedroom and did great (even sleeping through the night the second night!).  Yesterday was the big move and she did AMAZING.  Looks like she is ready to show me she is just like her brother and sister.  As I type this she is having a successful first nap in her new bunk.  (Don't get me wrong... she hasn't realized yet she can leave the bed.  Once this happens - say in two or three days - sleeping may get harder).  But for now, I'm really impressed.

And the new found freedom for me of having the master bedroom back.  It's little things like being able to go into the room after she's in bed, and clean, organize (there has been a baby in the room for almost two years.  Things need to be re-arranged).  But knitting or watching a show in bed before going to bed - what a luxury!  I also just finished folding and sorting laundry upstairs during her nap.  Bliss!  No longer does laundry need to cover our couch in the front room.  I thought I would miss her, but it's actually been quite nice for her and I to both have some space back.

Today is the running of the Boston Marathon.  I'm excited for the US that an American has won the race!  I got out with the kids this morning for a nice 4K walk with my Mom while the race was on, a recovery from the 23K I ran yesterday.  The Calgary Marathon is happening in just over 40 days from now.  My last big run (36K I hope), will happen on Mothers Day weekend.  Not long now!

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  1. hello c!

    we had a really pleasant weekend (and my pie turned out - but the picture didn't . . . recipe to come, though!)

    i love the pic of them all in the bunks. :)
    both my kiddos moved out of their cribs really early. maddie was 9 months old (she moved to a twin mattress on the floor) and isaac was 18 months (he moved to a bottom bunk). i bet your girls will love sharing a room! :)

    and happy running! i am loving my runs (though they aren't real long yet . . . i'm working at lengthening them!)