Monday, April 28, 2014


Can you believe that as I type this it is SNOWING?  We have lived in our city for 11 years now, and I'm starting to agree with my husband.  Why do we live here?  The grass is starting to turn green though, so Spring is on the horizon.  It just has to be!

Despite my April blog silence, there has been some baking going on (of course there is what with it being my middle's favorite activity!).

My eldest turns seven in one weeks time (holy cripes!), and a few weeks ago I got busy planning for her birthday cake.  She is on a princess tangent.  It started at her 5th birthday (Ariel), her 6th (Cinderella), and this year she has asked for Snow White.  I have a few awesome cupcake books, and decided to check there knowing that there was one to make a red apple.  (I will share more on her cake next week after it's come to fruition!).  In the cupcake book, my middle spotted a robot cupcake.  And boy does he love his robots.  I decided that what the heck, why do we need an occasion to make a cake?  To make it faster (and for him to be more involved), after preschool one day, we stopped at the Wal-mart and picked up a box cake mix, and frosting.  On a side note, frostings have gotten fancy.  I usually make them from scratch, but I guess when you buy them now you also buy flavoring?  Who knew.  Not me, so no flavoring was added to ours, but trust me, "plain" store bought icing is plenty sweet.

We set to work.

What do you think?  I think ours/his turned out much better than the one in the book ;)  And my son was SO excited to show it to his sisters and his Dad.  They were also more than happy to indulge :)

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