Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Calgary Women's Run Race Review

I decided to do this run only a couple of weeks ago, with a few goals in mind:

1.  Run one more race before I turn 35.
2.  I've been feeling my legs are getting faster and I wanted to see how fast I could run a 10K.
3.  I wanted to run the 10K straight.  No walk breaks!

Some things I loved about the run:

The website didn't leave you with alot of info, but a week before the race, a two page word document was e-mailed out to participants with everything you could possibly want to know.  The bonus for me, was I could pick up the kit on race morning.  This race was sandwiched into a busy weekend, so this option was perfect.

The race started at 9 am and I got to the start at 8:30.  It started at Shouldice Park in the NW of Calgary, so parking was really only available in the neighborhood.  It was already starting to fill up.  I found a spot just a short walk to the finish, and everything was set up and ready to go.  The race kit had a $25 off coupon for the Tech Shop attached to the bib, as well as a Luna Bar and a copy of the trail Impact Magazine.  I don't have a photo of it, but the highlight was a reusable bag, bright orange with blue polka dots.  It screamed fun :)

Some things I found surprising:

Before the race started, the race director asked everyone to bow their head and pray.  This was not a Christian organized race, it was put on by the Calgary Road Runners and Tech Shop.  She said if you didn't believe the same you could plug your ears and bow your head.

As we walked to the race start she stated no earbuds.  If you wore them you would be disqualified.  At the finish, she did disqualify three runners!

The race was to start at 9 and we were well on our way at 8:58.  I saw a few runners dashing to the start.

Prizers were listed as being given out at 10:45.  She was drawing names by 10am when some were still crossing the finish line or running the course.  It would be unfortunate if it was one of their names drawn and discarded for not being present.

General stuff:

The course had three water stations, and bananas and cookies at the finish.  None of the tables were manned at the end, and I saw a few frustrated runners finishing to find all the water gone.

I have also never seen a race with so many post race prizes.  There was hot yoga for a year valued at $1200, pedicures (I scored one!), free shoes, crafts for kids, free race entries to upcoming Fall events.  It was pretty crazy.

The course was well marked though and essentially flat.  I found I could turn my iphone on full blast, had my earbuds tucked into my sweater, and could still pace myself with tunes.  My brother has informed me he doesn't run with music at all anymore.  I'm not there yet, I'm pretty music dependant.  Maybe this is something I can work towards.

I felt strong during the run and finished in 53:05.  I was nervous as I was running and saw the pace per k as 5:24, then 5:22, but it felt good so I kept at it.  I'm really pleased and proud with the result.

As for running the race again?  The verdict is still out.

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