Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hexagon Birthday Quilt

For each of my kids, once they had transitioned out of a crib, and into a bed (corresponding to their second birthday), I made them a quilt.  My littlest one has been out of a bed for some time, so when her birthday approached this Summer, a quilt was more than necessary as she was outgrowing sleeping with her crib blankets.  I put it off for quite awhile though, only starting her quilt end of July, with a middle of August deadline.  Most naptimes, and evenings were spent at my sewing machine. The pattern came all the way from Ontario from a friend of my Moms who owns a quilt shop out East.  I loved it, but wasn't sure I could tackle it.

Could I really sew hexes?  I read the instructions and felt particularly like I was way over my head, but I decided to tackle it one step at a time.  The first task being to get a hexagon template the right size.  I thought I had it... and cut out all the hexagons, to realize I had the measurements THE WRONG WAY.  Quick math and I realized I could fix this by adding another row to the width, and two to the length.  Leaving me with mere scraps after all was said and done.

When all was said and done though, I am so proud of this quilt.  I love the colours, how soft yet strong it is, and that (I hope!) it can grow with her for years to come.

First night sleeping with her big blankie.
 I need to get some better photos of the entire quilt, but here is one a friend of my Moms snapped of it with daughter sitting on it for size comparison.

I wanted to have the quilt done, longarmed, and back to me for binding so I could have it wrapped for my little ones birthday.  Acorn Quilting was recommended to me by a friend, and the husband and wife team did not disappoint.  I had it to them on a Sunday, and a call came on Tuesday the quilt was done!  To top it off when I went to pick it up, they had rainbow loom bracelets for all three of my kids.  Now almost a month later, my middle still wears his on an almost daily basis :)

Now that I'm done having kids, and don't have anymore 2 year old quilts to make, I'm thinking on the idea of making one for my husband and I for our bed.  That seems like an even bigger job to tackle, the first part being landing on what colour palette to use.  I thought maybe I would be done quilting once the kids all had one for their beds, but it seems the quilting bug has bit a little bit ;)

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