Friday, August 22, 2014

Pinata Cake!

My littlest just turned two, and I turned to the internet for some inspiration for her cake.  She has a rainbow dress that she loves, paired with rainbow tights (she dresses herself and has a strong opinion on clothes!).  A Google search on "Rainbow Cake" brought back this amazing pinata cake.  

I'm not sure who was more excited.  Me or my middle about candy spilling from the centre.  For no particular reason I settled on Gummy Bears.  He particularly wanted gum balls :) The rainbow and bears kind of made me nostalgic for the eighties and the Care Bears ;)

A few days before the party, I decided that if the outside was rainbow, perhaps the inside should be as well.  I used this Funfetti homemade cake recipe.  It was fantastic.  I made the cake on Friday and it was served on Sunday afternoon.  Even two days after the party it was still super moist.  Only change I would do, is the sprinkles could probably be cut in half.  I made three batches of it so I could make a double layer of the 9", as well as a dozen cupcakes.  The rainbow cake served all of our guests - 13 adults and 9 kiddos leaving the cupcakes for us to eat at home after the party was done.  The sprinkle amount you will need (as called for in the recipe) is one complete jar per batch.

After putting the gummy bears in, and finishing up the cake, I kept it stored in our undeveloped basement for the two days prior to the party to keep it cool.  I wasn't sure how the gummy bears would fair in the fridge.

Here's the finished cake (with the name smudged out).  I used Twizzlers Rainbow licorice for the front, and regular marshmallows cut into quarters for the clouds.  The birthday wish was piped on with Royal Icing.  The tiny marshmallows are a US speciality and are the Jet Puffed Mini Mallows.

The site said they recommended cutting it on the side so the candies would spill out.  Unfortunately that didn't work.  I have two theories on it.  One, the gummy bears are kind of sticky.  My son is probably correct that using gumballs or a hard candy would be better.  Second, I think my candy well wasn't deep enough.  A larger hole probably would have been better, as when the cake was cut the candies were kind of squished in.

 Once we got the cutting the center of the cake, THEN the bears spilled out.  No loss though, the kids were all thrilled with the candy in the cake, and my daughter was thrilled because it was CAKE!  I recommend this fun cake as well as the Funfetti cake.  Both were fantastic.

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  1. you have cake making skills! it looks so pretty! and i bet she thought it was wonderful!

    (also, i love your new header!)