Friday, December 5, 2014

Checking in on the Christmas Crazies

How are you all doing?  Christmas is now just 20 days away.  Holy cats!  And with the Christmas Season comes all the craziness that goes along with it.

My task this week has been to wrap and mail all the things that need to get to other places.  I got my last package out this morning, but still have Christmas cards to go. On top of Christmas I also have my sons birthday to prepare for, so have an additional list for that.  This week was getting out his birthday invitations.  Seems really early for a January birthday, but with Christmas Holidays in there, if they didn't get out the beginning of December, there was no other time to invite his school friends.  Phew!

Amidst all the busyness of lists and things to do, I also try to find an overall sense of peace and calm.  Other than a few items, all of my holiday shopping was done in November.  I really like not having to rush to stores in December.  My husband leaves all his shopping for me until Christmas Eve Day.  I have no idea how this doesn't drive him crazy.  He also manages to get it done in only a few hours.  I'm always so impressed by that (and glad I'm not the one doing it!).

I find my knitting has started coming with me every where so I can get a few stitches in amongst normal daily life, and I'm staying up later just to try and get projects done.  Every Christmas I tell myself I'll only do a few handmades, but the list always grows.  I just can't help it, but that is a whole other post.

I'm getting items crossed off, and other things added on.  How are you doing?

I came across this video on Facebook yesterday - it made me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too.

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