Monday, December 22, 2014

Stride Run Streak

A local store 'Strides', every December, encourages/challenges runners to run every day for the month of December.  It's become known amongst the crazies (er runners) as the Stride Run Streak.

The first I heard of it was last year, deemed it crazy, and went about regular holiday prep.  This year with a suggestion from a friend, I jumped on board.  How hard can this be to run a mile every day?

A few people would say to me "You are really going to run on Christmas Day?"  I always thought "sure why not?"  Then "oh wait, did I tell my husband that?"  Thankfully, as usual, he is more than supportive of this craziness.  Only laughing slightly when I get off the treadmill at 10:30 at night.

I've run in Banff, many times on the treadmill in front of the Christmas tree, in the afternoon with the kids around me and my two year taking photos.  I've run three times in jeans, too tired at 10pm at night to change.  Even once in pyjamas.  Once I hit Day 16, the nights I really wanted to quit, I'd tell myself "I'm over halfway, why quit now?"

I've uploaded all of my runs to Strava.  And was pretty amazed last night when I saw that this month compares pretty closely in mileage and hours, to my heaviest training month (April) leading up to the Calgary Marathon beginning of June.  In April I ran 15 hours, and 141 kilometers.  At Day 22 today I sit at 10 hours and 102.  Not too far off and still another 10 days to go.  Those miles really do add up!

There are some great things I've taken from this.  The online comraderie of other streakers on Facebook, from a community I don't normally run with as the store is down South, has been really fun.  I never thought I'd be able to run every single day in a row.  I can.  That from someone who for the past year plus, has struggled to get in three runs a week.  It's great to see what I actually have in me heading into marathon training in January.

I have a secret goal of a certain distance to finalize all of this on December 31st.  When I finish I plan on treating myself to some new run gear.  Maybe a new hat, and a new Buff.  Then I might, might, take January 1st off.  But then again, it would be a nice way to start a New Year :)


  1. You've done awesome! And I agree, it's great base building for marathon training. We are in the home stretch now :)