Monday, January 26, 2015


Often times I think of something to write on this blog, but by the time I would have time to sit down and type it out, I either have forgotten the idea, I can't find the right words anymore, or it is no longer applicable (ie the post would have made more sense to actually post it on the day it was intended).  I'd like to say "so it goes with having three kids", but I know many a blogger who can pull off the feat of blogging daily, or near daily, while raising children.

This blog here has been "open" now for a year.  Prior to this space, I had another that I kept up for five years, making the move here after deciding I wanted my kids less present on the web.  That decision has been all encompassing with also limiting their exposure on Facebook, as well as on school websites where their work or photo may have been published.  It isn't a decision I regret, but I do spend time thinking occasionally of what my old space gave me.  Some really dear friends that have carried through to some of my other more personal spaces (such as Instagram where I do post photos of the kids).  I read their blogs, they read mine, we commented back and forth, sometimes even sent eachother real snail mail, and friendships were formed.

The internet really is an amazing place isn't it?  One of those cases where our world does truly feel small.  This space is quieter than my last, but I know you are out there reading.  Occasionally I will post and my phone will ding with a text, or someone will call to offer comment.

Obviously the subject matter here is much different than my prior space, with much more focus on me rather than my little people.  Slowly and surely (ahem very slowly), that is also becoming true in my life off the web.  My kids are still little (with my youngest only being two), but with no more kids coming behind her, more and more I'm finding more time for me.

When I came home from my run on Sunday, I spent some time reading through others blogs, and read this one by the Yarn Harlot.  It brought up all these thoughts I just shared with you.  A thank you from me, to you, for reading this space, for reading my prior space, for commenting, texting, sharing, and for friendship.

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