Sunday, January 25, 2015

When Winter brings you Summer

As I write this, I have three kids wrapped behind me in blankets eating popcorn, and a slurpee sitting beside me.  Yes, a slurpee, on January 25th.  Summer arrived today in the middle of Winter.  It's an amazing 14C outside.  A record high for the day.  And oh have I (we) soaked it in.

There was a 21K run today.

Then home for some trampoline jumping and strawberry eating (prepared by my 7 year old.  Time moves fast.  She can now cut up and serve us strawberries).

In shirts (and one in shorts) we headed off to the playground.  The littlest one potty training and out without a diaper.  Not only that but she walked the whole way there and I pulled an empty wagon.  Times are sure changing and moving out of babydom is in full force.

A solid hour spent on the playground, slurpees picked up across the street, and back at home.

Those kids (and I!) have earned the appropriate January blanket snuggling and popcorn eating.

What a treasure today was.  Supposedly Wednesday will be 16C.  I hope you are all getting outside to enjoy it too!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like the perfect kind of day!

    And three cheers for being done with diapers!!!