Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Race Line Up

Shhhh.... I have a secret....

It seems 2014 is the year for me to make new goals as the year progresses.  With a run under my belt in January, and now one in February, I've decided to run a race for each month of 2014.  There has been much calendar checking, and race googling, to come up with the following list.  I'm pretty darn excited about these:

January - MEC Race 1.  Check!
February - Hypothermic Half Marathon - yes!
March - ready? This one is alot of fun - Lavaman 5K
April - MEC Race 2
May - MEC Race 3 (you can't beat these.  $15 to run a race.  Plus, I've read running 5K races to be a good indicator of marathon finishing time.  Kind of excited (have I said that alot in this post?), to have some "small" runs to race)
June - the BIG one.  Calgary Marathon.  Swallow.  42.2K.  Egad!
July - Not sure yet.  There are so many summer races I'm going to wait and grab a fun one.  Maybe trail?
August - same as July.
September - ooh September.  I started out by wanting to race Melissa's.  It was my first race I ever ran back in 2002.  But even getting a race spot is ridiculous.  This is where the thought train of this race list even came from.  I decided to try out some new things, instead of always running the old.  A girl determined for fancy medals, I looked into Canmore Cause, but couldn't figure out if all finishers received a medal, or just the top three.  So I started internet researching for the answer, and a blog (can't remember which now sorry), pointed me to the Drumheller Half.  A medal with a dinosaur chasing a runner?  Yes!  Plus to run through the badlands.  Beautiful.  September will bring me to Drum.
October - MEC Race 7.
November - Banff Winterstart?
December - more than likely this will be Catch the Elves.

That's a total race distance of 158.5 (if July and August end up being 10K races).  Crazy cakes.

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