Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ravellenics Knitting

When my eldest turned 3, I knit her a birthday dress.  She coined it her "party dress", and has worn it to every birthday party she has attended, since the age of 3.  She will be 7 in May.  Thankfully the dress was meant to be worn for that long, going from dress to tunic, but it has had alot of love, and a new dress needed to be knit.
Brand new Birthday dress.  Age 3.
Wearing her birthday dress.  Age 6.

We picked out her favorite colours, pink and purple (do 5-7 year old girls ever love a colour other than pink and purple?), and a super cute pattern.  Check it out! (Image taken from designers page on Ravelry).

Still working on my monthly knitting challenges, this dress became the challenge for February.  I decided it was my #1, which was to knit something from my Favorite listings on Ravelry.  I added this one to that list back in June.  However, February also brings the Olympics, and with it Ravellenics.  Ravellenics in short, is a knitterly "competition" with oneself, to knit as many objects as you wish, during the Olympics, with "medals" given out by "Bobicus Maximus" (a cute dog image on Ravelry.  Not sure if he is an actual dog in real life).   So how do I fit in knitting for the Olympics, and also work on Grace's dress.  The only solution was to do the crazy, and try to knit her dress, start to finish, during the Olympics!

A few days before, I set about winding the balls of yarn into skeins, washing them to make sure there would be no dye transfer, drying them, then rewinding them into cakes (not the edible kind.  Cakes of yarn.  Knitting can be so deceiving).  

I've gotten through the body of the dress (a little concerned it will be too short, but hoping I can fix that by blocking), the seed stitch waistband (so sweet), and now onto inches and inches of plain stockinette.  Just over a week left in the Olympics, and I must say I'm feeling a bit like this may have been biting off more than I can chew.  But I'm giving it my best shot.  Here's where I'm at as of this moment:

I have about another 7 inches to knit straight, before I start on the edging.  

Big thanks for this post go out to my inlaws, who have taken the big two on a shopping trip, while the littlest naps, after also bringing me a Venti Caramel Macchiato.  They are here until Monday, and with their help with the kids, I may just be able to pull this off!

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  1. i remember when you made the first birthday dress - miss g was so tiny!
    and this dress is going to be so sweet, as well. and miss g is growing into a lovely girl. :)
    have a lot of fun celebrating your girl!