Monday, February 3, 2014

Stay in Friday Activity

My eldest had a day off of school on Friday, and with a busy Saturday and Sunday ahead, it was a great excuse to stay at home.  It was also -14C outside.  Brrrr!

As the kids were watching cartoons, I logged on and saw this post.  Ice, candles?  My kids (and I!) would love this.  We quickly set to work doing the first layer of ice.  I used three different sizes of tupperware bowls, and used Ikea shot containers (not sure if this is their technical name... I use them for espresso shots ;), to weight down the water.

 We waited a few hours, then did the second layer.  The first layer wasn't completely frozen but was good enough to continue on.  The kids had great fun pouring in the water, and swirling in the food coloring with a toothpick.

We were partway through dinner when I remembered our ice candle holders outside.  They weren't completely frozen yet, but were good enough :)  I think if/when we do this again, the freezer is probably a better way to go, but the kids enjoyed being able to look out the window to see their creations.

If  you're looking for a great snow day activity, this one is alot of fun :)

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