Friday, February 21, 2014

The Eve before the long run

Tomorrow marks the second long run of my marathon training - and my longest run to date.  The Hypothermic Half was just over 21.5K.  Tomorrow I'm scheduled to run 24.  And of couse because I have a long run to do, the temperature is dropping to -12C (without windchill.  I'm hoping there is no windchill).

I'm always a mix of nervous, and excited, the day before a new distance will hopefully be acheived.  Nervous with the "can I do this?" and "how much will it hurt?" ha ha, paired with the excitement of visualizing that new number on my Garmin.

I will say I've been having trouble wanting to get out the door for my shorter runs during the week, and have been searching for ways to stay motivated.  Leaving myself notes to pick up along the route?  Having my husband leave notes for me?  Those thoughts were fleeting as I couldnt' see a way to really make it work, or have him willing to participate in such craziness!  But, at least for my long runs, I've started a trend.

I run to coffee.  I don't run a loop, I run direct, then have my people pick me up.  The first time was last Saturday.  They enjoyed it as much as me.  Hot coffee in hand, and we zipped through a Tim Hortons on the way home for mini donuts for the kids.  When I mentioned to my hubby I had planned my route for tomorrow to end at a Starbucks, he was happy to come get me, saying he really enjoyed it last time.

Here's to 24 tomorrow.  I can do this!

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