Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Knit Parade - Heather Hoodie Vest

This was my January project for my knit group, but I actually started this sweater/vest back in 2013 (the Spring or Summer I believe).  Maybe I knew this project would end up languishing for awhile, which is why I never set a start date.

Most other Ravellers have knit it in a short amount of time, which is no surprise given it is knit with bulky yarn on big needles.  It should fly off fast!

I made a couple of mods on this project, the first knitting the body one inch longer than the pattern called for.  The second was the hood.  As other knitters had commented, the hood as per pattern would be quite huge.  I knit it to ten inches before beginning the decreases.  I also found a standard bind off to be quite tight to comfortably pull it over your head, so around the top of the hood I used an elastic bind off.

I love this hoodie and have already worn it alot.  A great layering piece for the temps we see here late winter, Spring, and Fall.

Yarn:  Cascade Eco colorway 8010
Pattern Link:  Heather Hoodie Vest

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