Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Review & February Forecast

Without intentionally setting down resolutions (ok I set a couple), there were a few things I started doing routinely in January.

  • More often than not, I left a note for my eldest every day in her lunchbox
  • I left Facebook 
I want to talk more about each of these, as they tie into (especially the first), some things I'd like to work on in February.  I love the idea of setting monthly goals, rather than year long (in my opinion) obstacles.  This way, it's a "commitment" of 30 days, not 365.  If it doesn't pan out, try again the next month (or try something new!).

The first - my husband and I before we were first married, took a course on the 5 Love Languages.  We took this as part of a Christian course.  I say this because I'm not sure if the book is Faith based (maybe it is?).  But Faith aside, I would say that knowing your, and your spouses Love Language, is great for a relationship.  I can give him as many gifts as I want.  I know he appreciates it, but it doesn't show him love.  For him to understand how much I love him, I need to speak to him in his language.  And vice versa.  So, I've been sending these notes to my big girl in her lunchbox.  For the first week, she didn't make a peep about them.  The second week I think she mentioned it once.  The wake up call for me here, was I was speaking to her in my language.  (Most people do this.  They 'love' others in their language as it is what they understand the most.  An easy way of knowing your own language, is looking how you show others that you care for them).  I knew that they came out with a Love Languages book for kids, and I decided to seek it out.  Today I was out with a girlfriend, and found a copy at a local book store.  For February, I'm going to read it, and see if I can figure out (for this first month), the love language of my eldest.  

Facebook.  Ah Facebook.  It's good for a miriad of things, but oh gosh is it also a time warp for me.  I did check in a few times near the end of January.  The first couple times it was ok.  About 10 minutes or so.  Then I started finding myself spending more and more time.  NO.  So, this continues into February.  Facebook free.  It's just not a good thing for me.  

I also want to quickly touch on my running and knitting in January.  I ran distances in January I never would have thought possible the beginning of December.  I'm especially proud of the 20K I ran just last weekend, and the 18K before that.  WOW.  I'm still running for 10 minutes, and walking 1, and am ok with that.  For short runs, I've managed to run for 6K without stopping.  I'd gradually like to see that increase to 8K.  I think for February I'll try for 7, and for March perhaps that 8.  Knitting, I finished up the sweater I've been blogging about.  Yes!  Another WIP (work in progress) off my list, and another garment to wear.  I just need to find buttons and will do a post just for the sweater (soon I hope!).

January has been good, and I'm looking forward to some new goals for February.

To recap I'm:
  • Reading and focusing on the Love Language of my eldest
  • Working on being Facebook free
  • Running my 1st half marathon!!!
  • Working on getting to 7K consistently with no walk breaks
  • Starting a knit dress for my big girls upcoming Spring birthday
How was your January?  Have you set any mini goals?

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