Thursday, January 9, 2014

Robots, a Duck and a Latte!

1.  I fixed A's hat.  I used my Moms idea and picked up stitches around the brim, knitting it long enough that when flipped up it would cover the cast on edge but also add extra length to cover his ears.  I tacked it down in four places to hold the brim up.  I do wish the extra length would have been incorporated as part of the main knit, but this works and will keep his ears and forehead warm.

2.  Emmitt, the beloved duck of my littlest.  C has a knack of chewing on his felted nose, and yesterday I decided some repair work needed to be done, as the poor thing was down to half a beak.  Rather than knitting in the round I knit it flat then seamed it.  I split the tails in half and used a small needle to attach it to the beak and Emmitt's noggin'.  C wasn't very impressed.  Tugging at it, passing E to me saying "off!" "off!".  She's tried a couple times this morning to show her protest, but poor Emmitt needed a new nose.  I think in time she will adjust to his new look er beak ;)

3.  I've been Facebook free for 9 days.  I'm not actually counting but I last logged on to say I was quitting on January 1st.  Ive done this before and really enjoyed the freedom being Facebook free provides.  It is such a time warp for me it's a bit ridiculous.  I'm still on Instagram, and on Ravelry, but both of those I can log on and log off without issue.  No more life lurking for me.

4.  One of my daily splurges is a latte.  I do have a machine at home, and only buy one out a couple times a week.  A free tall Starbucks latte landed in my inbox today though for the new Caramel Flan.  This seems like the sweetest drink on the planet - caramel whip, caramel topping, caramel flan syrup - gag.  But, it's free so I'm going to go for it.  Have you tried it?  What do you think?


  1. I have not tried one, let me know. It does sound a tad on the sweet side!

  2. It tasted like a hot caramel frappuchino. So if you're looking for a sweet hot drink, and like caramel, this would hit the spot. Ok as a freebie, not sure if I'd repeat otherwise.

  3. hello C!
    glad you're here again!
    1. i love the robots on the hat and think your fix looks great
    2. has she made peace with the beak yet? or does she still want it off?
    4. i think i would like a regular latte with the caramel whip cream . . .

  4. Hi! No, she still pushes E at me lol. I'm with you - I think a vanilla latte with caramel whip would be tasty :)