Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lego Loot Bags

My middle will soon be turning 4, and he requested a birthday party this year.  We've always had one for him in the past, but this will be his first inviting friends from his preschool.  We've hired in a company to come and build Lego with the kids (I figure at the age of 3-5 it is best to have someone else responsible for controlling the kids lol).  My son ('A') LOVES to build so this is right up his alley.  He's been busy telling people he is having a 'block party'.

Today we set about making the loot bags.

I like to include the kids when it's something that is intended for their friends.  It adds for a bit more time and work involved, but they love being helpers.  My eldest who is 6.5 is becoming particularly good at helping with some of the more intricate tasks.  Today she added all the dots to the paper sacs to turn them into Lego bricks (I used a Stampin Up 1 1/4" circle punch, regular kids craft paper, and raised them up with foam dots).

A is just getting into drawing people, so I put him to work adding smiley faces to Lego heads I cut out of yellow craft paper.  While I got to work stuffing the items into the loot bags (Mega Blocks Smurf figurines, Lego stickers, a Minifigurine coloring page, and Candy Blox), A started cutting yellow paper.  He cut up an entire page and started adding them to the bags while saying his friends names :)  I loved that he wanted to do something all by himself for his buddies.

On the back of the Lego heads I wrote a little note thanking the guests for coming.  I think they turned out really cute and think A's friends will enjoy them :)

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