Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year brings new things!

Happy New Year everyone!  I have been feeling for quite awhile that I wanted a space all to myself.  I loved my old blog but it was mostly to do about my kids, who I have been feeling I want less and less out there on the big ol web.  That's not to say that they won't cross these pages from time to time (as alot of my crafting does involve them), but this space is to focus on my pursuits - my love of running, knitting, and baking.

I'm lucky to have a great group of friends that I meet up with to knit and visit with, on an almost weekly basis.  For the past few years, one of us has created a yearly challenge.  This year, the challenge is a "create your own knitting adventure".  The premise is you choose a knitting project every month, and associate it to one of the following categories.  You can only choose a category once though, so I imagine by the end of the year, it's going to become quite tricky!

1.Knit something from your Favorite listing (must have been added at least 6 months prior to starting it) 
2.Knit something from your Queue listing (must have been added at least 6 months prior to starting it) 
3.Knit something for yourself 
4.Knit something for someone else 
5.Knit something for Christmas 
6.Knit something using a semi solid or solid yarn colour 
7.Knit something using a variegated yarn colour 
8.Knit something using a self-striping yarn 
9.Knit something as a surprise (must be kept at a secret WIP until gifted-this includes finding or borrowing your own “secret WIP” picture) 
10.Knit something using at least 2 colours of yarn 
11.Knit something that includes some kind of lace patterning 
12.Knit something with buttons, ties, beads or other embellishment 
13.Knit something that challenges you when you knit it (the reason it challenges you must be listed in the project notes such as; working on this project for three years, hate the knitted on border) 
14.Knit something for an event (the event must be listed in the project notes such as birthday gift for someone, baby arrival in April etc.)

To start off I'm knitting the Heather Hoodie Vest.  I cast it on in 2013, and after doing most of the back, it was put aside to do last minute holiday and birthday knitting.  It's so tempting with a New Year to pick up a new project, but I want to get some of my WIP's complete.  My extra challenge I'm continuing this year is to continue to knit down my stash.  Oh gosh HOW did I accumulate SO much yarn.  It's a good thing my husband is understanding of this wool indulgence.

I'm looking forward to sharing my pursuits with you - please leave comments!  I love to know people have stopped by :)

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