Monday, January 13, 2014

Good Things

After my post on Saturday, alot of good started falling in my lap.  First a text came through from my younger brother asking if I'd like to run a 5K race with him.  This felt like just the kind of fun I needed to help my perspective.  But as quickly as I thought how fun that would be, looking at the calendar and the distances I still needed, disheartened me again.  There wasn't a way for me to run both a 5K on the weekend, and a long run as well, both due to physical limitations, but also balancing time to be with my family.  Then the phone rang and it was my Mom, asking how I was doing that day.  I filled her and my Dad in on how hard it is to get runs in during the week, how disheartened I'm feeling about my pace and distance.  The difficulty of finding the balance of doing these runs and being a Mom.  And my Mom jumped in without hesitation, and offered to watch the kids for me mid week, even getting one from the bus if needed, so I could do my 18K, and then be able to do the 5K race with my brother on the weekend.  Kind of like the Grinch, my running heart grew a little bigger again.  Things didn't look so bleak or hard.  My awesome family lifted me up.  And I think I have a plan going ahead.  Get this half marathon distance under my belt, then keep working away at that distance.  Then maybe next year, two years, when my body is ready, it will start to feel better/easier, and a marathon may come.  But for now, I have a great week of running ahead, and a plan going forward :)

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  1. sounds like great encouragement.
    and a better perspective. ;)
    there are lots and lots of years for you to keep running, dear C. and you'll get back into the longer distances. even if you have to take a longer sort of break while your littles are little.