Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Night Knits

My eldest takes ballet on Monday nights.  It's become my quiet time to knit and drink a latte, while I wait for her to finish her 45 minute class.

It's a great little getaway from my usual busyness with the three kids.  The highlight is always being able to drink my latte with no lid (& still hot!)

It's a short school week this week, and as a bonus, my daughter has been assigned no homework (I think we are equally pleased about this).  I had all my knitting packed, and was about to head out with G, when my hubby suggested that I keep her out late, and take her for a drink.  At first, after dropping her off, I headed out the door to cross the street to my "watering hole".  And I stopped.  He's right.  That would be fun.  So in I went, found a bench, and worked on my knitting outside of G's class.

My daughter shares the love of sitting in a coffee shop, so she was pleased as punch I invited her to join me on my Monday night "escape".

We sat and people watched, visited, she opened up and told me stories of school, dance, and bus stops, as she spooned whip cream, and I sipped my latte.

I'm glad my hubby suggested I share my Monday night :)

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  1. What a lovely date night! Give G a hug for me, miss you all <3