Friday, January 24, 2014

Where my Knits are at! (Spoiler!)

I've been steadily working away on both my January challenge, as well as the mystery socks.  

I have finished and blocked the back and fronts of the sweater, as well as seamed the sides together using mattress stitch, and using a three needle bind off to attach the shoulders.  I've picked up the stitches around the neck and back to start on the hood.  The hood in the pattern looks HUGE, so I'm following others mods and making it shorter, with fewer increases and decreases.  I hope to have the hood done today.  The next task is to pick up approximately 270 stitches to start on the button band.  Gulp.  Good thing I'm a bit twisted in that I enjoy picking up stitches (and generally all matters of finishing a garment).  Ha!

 The cuffs of the socks I knit on double pointed needles (dpns), then placed both on circulars so I can knit them two at a time.  As a result, getting through the leg portion of the clue takes a bit longer.  I have figured (I'm a gal that likes a plan), that if I do 8 rows a day I'll have both legs done and ready for the next clue (the heel), next week.  I'm already short of that goal, what with working on the sweater, and taking a night off last night to build lego with my eldest, and drink a glass of wine with the hubby :)

Today my littlest is running a low grade fever, and is already looking to want two naps today rather than one. It's 11C outside, so I think I'll take the kids out for a long walk to our local Starbucks.  I hit 3K on the treadmill, so this will even out to about 7K total today.  The rest of the day will be full of knitting amongst all the other little day to day activities that need to be done (laundry, dishes, playing, bus pick up etc.)

Sunday I will do my longest run before the Hypothermic Half Marathon on February 8th.  A total of 20K.  It's supposed to be a mix of snow and rain but only 0C.  Think of me and send along some sunshine vibes!


  1. Hey Carmen- The hood looks great. I can't even tell that you had to pick those stitches up. I am going to have to do this with the sweater I am working on. I am dreading it. hip

  2. H! If we lived closer I'd do it for you :D