Monday, January 6, 2014

Finished Knit - Robot Hat

I'd apologize for all the birthday themed posts, but as my eldest says "A is so lucky!  He has the first birthday of the year!"  I love her perspective, and I love birthdays :)  Fortunate for you (ha!) you get a shwack of birthday posts to start out the New Year with.

One of the things I love to do for my kids on their birthdays, is to gift them something handmade.  I expect that this will only last a few short years before they decide that they are too cool for their Moms gifts.  But, as long as they will let me, a handmade gift will be given.

This year for A, I made him a new hat.  I realized I haven't knit him a hat since his 2nd birthday, and it was getting much too small.  A quick search on Rav for "Robot hat" came up with this gem.  I followed the mods other people had done for the child size, and cast on 92 stitches.  After completing the hat, I agree that the childs size would have been too big, but the 92 is a big snug on my boy with a 21" head circumference.  I would suggest adding in a few stitches in between the robots (and dropping the final robot) to give it a bit more room.

I was also a bit concerned about the length and blocked it quite aggressively.  I still would prefer it have a bit more coverage over his forehead.  My Mom gave a great suggestion this am of picking up stitches around the brim, adding a couple of inches, and folding it over.  I might just do this as I'd like him to get a couple years out of it.

Oh and can't forget the pompom.  The last pompom I made (and my first) was a disaster and fell apart.  That was about 5 years ago.  I thought this hat really deserved a pompom, and used this awesome tutorial.  It's a great sturdy pompom that I'm not worried will disintegrate from the top of the hat (ha!).  I held all the different colours together and wrapped around my fingers about 40 times.  I then shaped it quite a bit to made it nice and thick.

Best part is A loves it!


  1. That's awesome!! He looks great!! Miss you guys give him a big birthday hug from all of us xoxo