Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some runs go like this...

Winter this year has been colder than I remember years prior.  Or maybe that it is that years prior I wasn't attempting to train for a half marathon during the winter.  But either way, I see alot more of my treadmill, than the sidewalks.  This past weekend I woke to a temp of -32C, and found myself watching 'The Vow" on Netflix while pounding out 16K.  That was three days ago and today I was starting to feel the 'Runners Itch'.  (This is probably a real term meaning something horrible, but I describe it as the urge you get to go running when you haven't been in a few days).

It's lovely out today.  The sun is shining, it's only a few degrees below zero, and I had two options.  Hit the treadmilll during naptime, or wait to run when my hubby gets home and it's dark (and slightly colder).  The itch was strong, and I hate running in the dark, so I hit the treadmill.  To make it more fun I decided to run in these awesome new compression socks from Lunatik Athletics (which would probably require a whole seperate post).

I got 3K in and my son who had been watching cartoons, came and bounced around on the couches infront of me.  3.92K I heard my littlest crying from her crib, up an hour earlier than she would normally nap.  I was hoping to hit 5K so figured I would nurse her back down (this trick usually works).  It didn't.  And by now my son was also in the room rousing her even more.

I'm lucky to be at home and have the ability to run on a treadmill when little pockets of time during the day allow.  But many days home solo while trying to run, the run never really reaches it's full potential lol.

So today was 1K short.  One more run on Friday, then I'll try to hit the pathways and 18K on Saturday Eek!

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