Friday, January 3, 2014

Making running a priority

Today started early, being woken at 6:30 by my littlest, soon joined by my eldest, then my middle.  By 8:30 they were licking the beaters, and we had As birthday cake in the oven.  From that point until 4:30, most of my time was spent working on his cake for his party tomorrow.  There was also groceries, a nap for the wee one, cartoons, but mostly cake.  Freezing, crumb coating, stacking, icing.  At one point I did think "this is why people buy cake".  It was shortly after that thought crossed my mind that my middle hugged my leg tight and said "is that my block cake!!!", and as I lifted the toddler up to see she exclaimed "WOW!".   That makes all those hours worth it.

While working on the cake, I also had pizza dough going in the bread maker.  My boy and my hubby both adore pizza, so I've decided 2014 is the year for pizza once a week.  By the time (4:30) the cake was complete, 5:30 (the pizza was eaten), and 6 (the babe was in bed), I sat down on the couch by the fireplace and DID NOT want to get up.  One of those days where a million things were completed but two very important tasks were left to do - clean the kitchen (again), and run.  I really wanted to do neither.

Somehow though, I got up off the couch, found some running clothes, and hit the treadmill.  The treadmill is the only way I get running in during the week.  I prefer to do it while the toddler is asleep, the big one (G) is at school, and while A is watching cartoons.  With three little ones, I don't manage to get in more than those two short runs a week, and one long run on the weekend.  I'm starting to feel ready to kick it up a notch, adding in core work, or making those short runs longer, but need to figure out how to do that and maintain a balance with everything else that goes on in our lives too.

Back in October, after running a 5K Thanksgiving run with my family, I decided to make running a priority.  I spoke with my hubby about it, and he was onboard with me taking the time I needed on the weekends to get in my longer run while he watched the kiddos.  Since that time, I've kept up with the three runs a week, and feel really proud I've been able to do that, when there are many nights like tonight, I'd like to do anything but put on my running shoes.

I have a half marathon scheduled to run at the beginning of February and the kilometers are creeping up.  This Sunday I have 16 to run.  A 2K jump from 14 last weekend.  My goal for February is to cross the finish line.  Preferably under 2:30, 2:15 would be a dream.

Sometimes I think of where I used to be before kids, and how much faster or more efficiently I ran.  Then I remember this slogan I read "focus on how far you've come, not how far you have left to go".  16 short months ago our littlest was born, and my first 10K since her birth was ran in June of 2013.  I look at going from there, to a half marathon in February, and am really proud of how far I have come in such a short amount of time.  I'd love a marathon under my belt again, but am doing my best to focus on the now, and then maybe that dream will one day come.

Here's a photo G snapped of me while I was running tonight :)

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  1. hooray for the year of pizza (obviously). also, you are awesome and I am so happy that you make your health and well being a priority. i need to do the same.