Sunday, January 5, 2014

Let there be cake!

Yesterday we celebrated our middle turning 4 (his actual birthday is on Monday).  This was his first friend party where he chose all the guests.  There were 6 kids from his preschool and two family friends.  Such a special special day.  The kids all did amazing with the Lego build (we had a company come in), and everyone enjoyed the cake.  I'm a bit timid sharing my creation here, but given it took me all day, I figured I would post it up :)

The idea came from a Betty Crocker tutorial, but once the cake was done, I figured I would try stacking them like A does his actual towers.  I also made two cakes (one chocolate, and one vanilla) so that I could make cupcakes for the parents.  With extra batter left, I used my mini loaf pan to make smaller Lego pieces.

The birthday boy loved it.  Even one of his guests who has never eaten cake, and claimed he didn't like cake, gave it a try and loved it :)

We still have about half leftover to celebrate with a second time tomorrow on his actual big day :)

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